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Foldable Shopping Bag

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  • Have you ever bought too many groceries unexpectedly that your shopping bag overload?
  • This middle zipper of this smart bag can expand it to 2X size or fold it back as a portable tote bag for easy carrying. You dont need to decide which bag you should carry for todays shopping. Also with foldable wheels, it can switch between shopping trolley cart & tote bag in a second!

Shopping is NEVER ENOUGH! - ShopyBag™ holds > 8kg with a large capacity of 30L which is perfect for shopping vegetables, fruits, drinks, meat, etc. or even as a carry on baggage.

2X Expandable! The smart zipper allows you to expand it to 2X size or fold it back as a portable bag. It can be easily transformed as a tote bag, shoulder bag or trolley bag!

Large Capacity: The maximum capacity is 30L, which is suitable for shopping vegetables, fruits, drinks, meat, etc. or even as a carry on baggage

360° Foldable Wheels: Transform it as a trolley bag by unfolding rolling wheels in a second for convenient carrying. Perfect for carrying heavy stuff by pulling the hand straps.

Ergonomic Design: The grocery bag handle is anti-slip and convenient for you to push and hold comfortably. The base has a supporting rod for the trolley bag to stand stable when you are not pushing it.

Strong Metal Holding: Holds up to 8-10kg. The ShopyBag™ is specially equipped with a metal holder to stabilize the body of the bag.

Waterproof & Durable: Made of 600D oxford fabric, which is waterproof & scratch-resistant. Also, it includes a waterproof plastic insert for all-weather purposes.


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